Mamie Taylor

Elect Nov. 5th

Working for the culture of the city.

Mamie Taylor for 5th District

Richmond City Council


Mamie is taking this job on full-time.

  • Transparency and clarity

    Keep an open line of communication between herself and 5th District constituents and come to you instead of relying on you coming to city hall.

  • Public education

    Listen to constituents when making decisions about Richmond Public Schools. This includes parents, students, and teachers.

  • Tax reform

    Advocate and expand property tax exemptions and credits to protect vulnerable citizens from displacement due to gentrification and special interest.

  • Economic opportunities

    Make sure all city residents have access to beneficial information and opportunities.

  • Road infrastructure

    Budget oversight, especially for pothole repair and road construction.

  • Housing

    Help constituents gain access to affordable housing opportunities, renters resources, and home ownership opportunities.

  • Government spending

    Dedicate time to meticulously watch our city’s spending and ensure the community's needs are present and heard.

  • 5th district parks

    Work to ensure our parks — a place of natural solace within the city — stay open and welcoming to ALL people.

Bridging the gap with the facts

Mamie Taylor is a long time city resident and former 5th District School Board Representative. She’s committed to quality governance, transparency, and equity.

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Mamie Taylor